Corsair Hydro H80 or a good air cooler?

Hi there,

So I found a referbished Corsair Hydro H80 for £40 and I'm thing whether to buy this or a good air cooler for my FX-8350.

What do you think?
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  1. Underwater of course, if your OC'ing.
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    On a low cooling budget, I prefer best air over average water.
  3. Go with the H80. quiet, will cool that 8350 well, easy install. Can probably OC a bit with the 80.
    I'm running the originall H50 and with a background running, typing this, and a download in the BG, my 8120is running 36. Just a while ago, during CoDMW3 combat it got up to 52. The 80 has a bigger radiator so should be like using icewater on the cpu.
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