Core 2 Quad Q8300 or Q9300

Should I spend $30 more to get 2mb more L2 cache. Both have 1333mhz fsd and clocked @ 2.5 ghz.
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  1. I'd keep the $30, save it for a new PC later.

    The speed difference is about 4%, according to this benchmark:

    You wouldn't even see that tiny difference in games, because your integrated graphics would hit their limit before either of those CPUs. And when you compress a video or a CD the bottleneck would be your HDD, so again the two CPUs would finish the same job in the same time.
  2. How much did you find it for? For $160 you could get an FX 8320
  3. These processors are currently sub $100. Should I just get a Q9450?? Btw my gpu is a radeon HD 7750.
  4. Already have a motherboard?
  5. RazerZ said:
    Already have a motherboard?

    Yes. I am adding on to my optiplex 755.
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    go q9550 or q9650
  7. Sajeel Niazi said:
    go q9550 or q9650

    I just got a NEW Q9650. Was $155 a good deal?
  8. If the factor of socket compatibilities isn't an issue, then no, it was not a good deal. For 155, you could have gotten a much better processor. On the other hand, getting a better processor would require a motherboard switch which would only add to your total cost. It really depends on your perspective.
  9. now you should have a good mobo
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