Upgrading from Readon 7470

Im a bit of a beginner, but my graphics card i weak and i want to upgrade.

Budget: around 300$

Specs I know:
i7-3770K processor
Readon 7470M HD
8GB ram

Any help? I may be doing this very wrong and if i am tell me please, thanks
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  1. If you are doing 1080p gaming this would suffice and save some money. I consider it to be the price performance winner

    the next good jump is to the gtx 770

    but it is $400
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    Since you are already using an AMD product I'm guessing you're looking to stay with AMD. You can now find Radon 7970's from MSI for $300. This will give you PLENTY of power to play most of the games out there today. However if you plan on using your machine for projects like Seti@home, then maybe you should look at a NVIDIA card because of the CUDA support for crunching numbers.
  3. Thanks for the answers! its a strictly gaming , im not sure if i need a new psu or not. I bought my pc built, its not really that great, but heres the link

    im a newb, so sorry if i am acting rather dumb, thanks
  4. either of these will do

    or top of the line

    your power supply is only 300 watts and is not even close to adequate

    and always ask questions it is the best way to learn
  5. with a new GPU and PSU, will i be able to run games with high graphics with the rest of my build? so far my card has been stopping my playability of some high end games like BF3 and GTA 4. I think my processor and ram are fine. thanks !
  6. yes you would be fine.
  7. well here is a little proof also

    over 60 fps in battlefield 3 and that is not even includung an overclock and these cards overclock like monsters.

    just come back later and we can help you with that
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