Asus bios no keyboard or mouse after few seconds

I just finished building this system with an z87-a mobo... But although I can get into the bios, after a couple of seconds I lose access to the keyboard and mouse. The bios seems to run since the clock advances but I have no way to edit anything. Any suggestions? Btw I have tried already different keyboards and mice...with same result
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    Are you connecting them to USB 2.0 ports? Have you tried clearing thye CMOS (unplug the power cord and remove the CMOS battery for few minutes / or use the CLR CMOS jumper)?
  2. Looking at the BIOS screen I noticed that the memory speed although correct brand and size it was reported as 1600 MHz which was not right (1866). So I figured trying the Memory OK button. That seems to have done the trick. Bios is easily accessible now, also I manually edited the Memory speed and I should be fine.
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