Problem with Nvidia control panel, need help please

Ok, so this has been happening for as long as I can remember now. Everytime I update my drivers all of my profiles in Nvidia control panel gets deleted and I have to add them all back again. Also a bunch of old Nvidia game profiles show up with no icon after updating drivers. And the minute I add a game profile back in there, all of the old ones disappear. This isn't supposed to happen right? What's wrong? I cannot find anywhere on the internet with a solution to this problem. Please help thank you.
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  2. Mousemonkey said:

    Holy crap, another person with actually the same and similar problem as me! I thought I was the only in the world with a problem like this!!
  3. Well he seems to have the opposite problem but between the two of you it might be possible to work out where Nvidia stores those files that you keep losing and the other guy can't get rid of.
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