Can't login using finger print scanner on HP ProBook

Hi Everyone,

I am currently trying to configure the Finger Print login function on an HP ProBook 4730s. Although I have finger prints registered they do not appear to be working at the login screen (e.g.: when CTRL + ALT + DEL is presented on the screen).

Once Windows 7 (x64) loads and a standard keyboard login is performed I am able to access the HP Protect Tools application that allows me to register finger prints. I am therefore confident that appropriate drivers, and software are installed, however I suspect that one or more requisite software packages is not starting prior to logon.

If anybody has any suggestions regarding how to get finger print login working can you please let me know?

Kind Regards,

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    Contact HP for support requests, that is why they are there. They would be the first solution to this specific task.

    That said, they will most likely inform you 1) the proper steps on how to use the software/hardware or 2) tell you to insert the HP restore CDs to wipe your entire drive and put it back to 'as they shipped it out' to determine if you (through use and such) messed it up from when it was 'working' then they shipped it to the store you bought it from.

    You might just also look on the HP website for the MANUAL and READ IT. Usually I find that the most helpful.
  2. Hi Tom,

    Sounds like your having a hard days night mate! I assure you that I did not start my journey at this forum, I have thoroughly investigated the HP documentation, and I have zero interest in wiping my disk and starting again (finger scanning capabilities are just not that important!!!).

    Thanks anyway...

    Kind Regards,

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