"Display Driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered" ERROR


I am currently having problems with my HP Pavilion dv4 laptop particularly on my display driver. I kept getting the "Display driver igfx has stopped responding and has recovered" and my screen would stop and eventually would freeze my PC and crash to a blue screen. Before, this problem goes away after a few restart. But now it seemed I couldn't get things done because it doesn't want to go away. I searched the web and have followed some of the tips like updating my display driver to the latest version. I did this but the problem didn't go away. My graphics accelerator onboard is the Mobile Intel® 4 series Express Family Chipset.

I tried everything what microsoft has recommended like clean boot, check system performance, defrag, cleanup disk, etc but the problem is still there. What I did last inorder to at least continue surfing the net and wrting emails is run "Last Known Good Configuration". It kind of helped a little bit but I'm still getting the error when i play videos in youtube. and i also couldn't play crossfire becuaswe the graphics can't handle it and always displays the error.

I will appreciate any help as I don't know anymore where to get help. This wasn't a problem before. Not until I had the latest Windows updates and probably some new patches on crossfire.

If there's already a an older thread on this topic, kindly post the link.

Here's my specs:

HP Pavilion DV4 1431us Entertainment PC
Windows Vista home premium x64 bit OS
Intel Core2 Duo, 2.1Ghz
4 GB of RAM
Chipset: Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express FAmily Chipset

Thanks in advance and hoping for your usual unfailing support.

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    Have you tried reinstalling the driver from Intel's site?
  2. ihog said:
    Have you tried reinstalling the driver from Intel's site?

    Hi Ihog,

    Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it very much.
    I've reinstalled the latest driver at least 3 times but the problem is still there. The latest thing I did was update my BIOS firmware but it also did not help. What I noticed is after a series of crashes and restart, i estimate about an hour or so, the problem seem to appear lesser. The longer my laptop is on, the more the display becomes stable. I find this strange because i was thinking heat might be playing a factor. But in my case its the opposite.
    Any thoughts?


  3. I'm just as perplexed. Also, what do you mean by "new patches on crossfire"?
  4. Well, I playe this fps online game. They regularly patch the game.
  5. I asked because "Crossfire" can also mean something with AMD's GPUs. Just making sure.
  6. Hi ihog,

    What i also noticed is that when i booted up the "Last Know good Configuration", my windows reverted back to the Windows standard theme. I used to operate on "Windows Aero". The display seem to have improved and the error appeared lesser. Some websites would freeze for a while but it's not giving me the error display. So I may have to stick with the standard theme so I can get things done.

    Thanks for your help. I will keep you updated in the error worsens. How I wish I could use the windows aero theme. It's way cooler than the standard one. :(
  7. Hi ihog,

    I'm still getting the error but less frquently. Any other inputs?

    Thanks in advance!

  8. I got nothing, man, sorry. :/
  9. From the bit of research I've done it appears that this error starts occurring when your computer is running low on available memory (RAM). Integrated chipsets like the Intel Mobile Chipset you are using use a portion of the system's memory and when the system runs low on memory (too many programs running in the background) the driver can crash.

    Short of adding more RAM (not a bad idea if you are able to do so), disabling some start up items through MSCONFIG and running a more basic windows theme or non "aero" theme can help. Just a theory but increasing the size of your paging file wouldn't hurt either if you have enough hard drive space to do so without it being an issue. This article from HP talks about the error as well:

    Hope this information helps
  10. Hi The solution to this issue is change the windows 7 them to classic and increases the cached memory, disable Areo feature that fixed the issue for me. Issue is faced due to system running low on resources. Kindly check and let me if that worked for you.
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