University and casual gaming - Which laptop?

Hey, so I'm off to uni in a few weeks and need a new laptop. I'll be using it for general internet browsing, music etc and some games here and there, eg Rome 2

My budget is around £500, any higher and I'll have to dip into my overdraft..
I've got 3 laptops in mind at the moment, feel free to suggest any others.

So, which one would you go for? (£100 cashback instore)

Cheers for any help!
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    Novatech Elite N1540 cost £589.98, that is abit more than your 500£.
    That one in terms of gaming would be really good, it has decent GPU, and not so bad CPU.
    SSD would make it fast so no problem turning it on/off while on class.

    Novatech nFinity N1404. Not so good GPU, but still great. It costs £494.99.
    With that one you would be able to play most games, but dont expect ultra.
    Its not heavy and not big, so better for uni.

    My choice is Novatech nFinity N1404 if you are more casual gamer and want lap mostly for uni.
    If you are hardcore gamer, and not really uni geek, go for Novatech Elite N1540.
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