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My internet did not come with a modem. I bought a router but it is telling me to hook it up through the modem. Is there a way to get wifi using a router without hooking it up through a modem? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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  1. Cable or DSL Internet usually requires a modem. Some companies will provide a modem (often for a monthly fee) and some expect you to buy one. For example, I use Cableone and they expect you to buy a modem -- I use a Motorola Surfboard SB6141. I also have DSL and the local telco gave me a cheap Speedstream 4200.

    What is your type of service and who is the ISP (Internet service provider)?
  2. I use NYAIR as my internet provider. The internet comes in through an antenna on my roof.
  3. It appears that their modem is built into the receiver dish and you should have an Ethernet cable in your apartment. You should be able to attach your router to that connection. The NYAIR Ethernet cable should attach to the WAN port of your router. Then attach a computer to an LAN port to test the connection and change your wireless settings to what you want.
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    Not certain, but in this case it would be the antenna is the 'modem'.

    How does the signal get from 'the antenna on the roof' to your PC? Ethernet cable? If so, then that cable would go into the router, and the router than provides WiFi and wired signals to your devices.

    I can't get to that website from here, but I'm sure at, in the support section, they probably have instructions on how to do this.
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