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Hi guys I just build a file server for my movies backup and so on,thanks goes to everyone in this forum that answered questions I had to create a good server. Now I am in a confusion regarding storage, I am using windows server 2012 and I am in between using windows storage pool parody or getting a raid controller and using raid 5.
2 in storage spaces parody does it work like raid 5? do I loose 1 drive as backup?
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    HERE is some general information on storage pools, open the down arrows to see all the information.

    Yes, you can use a parity mode (with at least three disks) that allows for a disk failure but like RAID 5 you lose a drive due to the parity data space. So if you have 3 3TB disks you will have a little over 5.4TB of usable storage with redundancy so one drive can fail -- note that a formatted 3TB drive is only 2.72 TB of useful space.
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