Best graphics card compatible between windows xp and windows 7?


just want to congratulate everyone on the best computer advice on the web! I've read a lot on the forums working up the courage to pull the trigger on my first computer build. This is my first time to chime in.

I'm building a gaming computer that I plan on dual-booting between windows xp and windows 7 for certain reasons i won't outline. But i need to find a graphics card that can be compatible within both operating systems. It seems like most new graphics cards only mention windows 7 and on so i don't know if it's assumed it's backward compatible or not.

Can someone give me some recommendation on any PCIE x16 3.0 graphics card(s) that would have both xp/7 workable drivers? I was thinking about the Sapphire Vapor-X HD 7950 but it doesn't seem to have official windows xp drivers? Nvidia cards are fine too :)

My build:
Mobo: Asrock extreme6 z77
CPU: core i5 3570k
CASE: Cooler master haf 912
RAM: LP Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 MHz
PSU: Corsair HX 750 Watt
OS: Windows XP/7 in dual boot
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  1. AMD stopped XP support at the 13.4 revision of their drivers while NVIDIA still support them so any card would still work on both platform as long as the 13.4 drivers have your card (you will not be able to use a 8000 cards when they'll come out but any 7000 series including the 7990 will work)
  2. Ok... I see now. I checked the sapphire site and for some reason did not see that there indeed are windows xp drivers on that card I was thinking of getting. But that dual-x model looks like the best companion to a decent OCing type of board like the Asrock extreme6. Thanks for the help.
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