Need help, CPU not showing correct clock speed

Guys, Ive overclocked my i5 4670k to 4.6Ghz and ive ran IntelBurn Test for 25 passes and it passed and Prime 95 for 3hrs on blend no errors.

Now my problem is, my multiplier is set to 46 in dynamic mode so EIST is enabled by default. But the clock speed on Cpu-z is telling me its at 3.4Ghz even though the cpu is at 100% load and multiplier is showing 8-46
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    It's showing the the Actual CPU default freq, CPU-Z shows the correct that your CPU will fluctuate from 8 GHz to 46 GHz depending on need and load

    And there's a new CPU-Z 1.66.1 can get it here if you don't have it:
  2. Dont worry i found the solution. It turns out one of my hardware monitors disabled turbo therefore keeping the clock speed to max of 3400Mhz. So i just changed the settings and now its normal =))
  3. Glad to hear ;) have fun!
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