Need help with new build please.

Hi. I currently have 2 Sapphire 7950s (only 1 installed right now) and an i7 920 in my Alienware Aurora. I am going to get a new CPU (probably i5-4670k) and motherboard (not sure which yet but I was told to get a Z87). I also need a new case. I love my Aurora case but it isn't good for Dual-GPU setups. There isn't much room for the cards so they are very close together. I had to put a piece of foam in between them to seperate them. There is also no place to mount any fans to point at the cards.

At first I thought I'd get a Full tower but then I was told it isn't necessary. So I'll probably get a mid tower. I have a couple in mind. This is one of them...

I'm going to try and find a motherboard that has good spacing in between the PCI slots so I need a case that's tall enough to keep the cards in that way.
I really want to be able to keep the cards cool under load. I know some cases come with a big fan on the side panel. I also know that I can mount fans to brackets that attach to the PCI slot metal holders where you screw in the cards. I see there are a lot of cheap cases that start as low as 15 dollars but I'm assuming I want to stay away from those.

The brands I had in mind were... Corsair, Lian li, Fractal, and maybe coolermaster. But I'd be open to any suggestions of a good case for what I'm doing.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated. I would also like some suggestions on motherboards if possible. I want to stay around 500 bucks for all 3 items.

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  1. Hey thanks for quick reply. That case is the same one I linked right just black instead of silver in the front? Would you say that's the best case I could get for around that price or would a corsair or lian li be better you think?

    Also for the motherboard. I like the price of the one you linked and it looks good. I think the PCI slots have good spacing if I'm not mistaken.
    Do you think it would be better to go for an Asus one instead?
  2. Hey Byo. I think im gonna go with the 500R. It's an upgrade over the 400R and it has the 200MM fan on the panel which I like. I like the price and the look of the fractal but I will have to mount a bracket to put a fan on which will be annoying. I'll have a harder time getting to the GPUs when I need to.
    The fractal is really nice looking though and it has the sound dampening stuff which is nice.

    I'll look into that motherboard as well as some Asus ones. I didn't know there were so many different z87 motherboards. Asus alone has 38 of them.
  3. Hmm I'm looking at the reviews for the Carbide 500 on newegg and of course most of them are 5 stars but there are some bad reviews as well.

    oddly enough the Fractal R4 doesn't seem to have any bad reviews.
  4. Hello again. I already ordered the Carbide. Apparently it has better airflow and cooling than the R4 which is more silence oriented. The Carbide also has a 200MM on the panel for the GPUs where as with the R4 I would have to mount a bracket and buy a fan for it so.
  5. I'm also ordering a combo with the i5 4670k and the motherboard you linked from MSI.

    There is another motherboard from them for about 30 dollars more but it doesn't come in the combo. So essentially it is 60 dollars more.

    Do I really want to go for the more expensive motherboard or will the G45 suit my needs?
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