Red screen after system crash?

The past day or so, my computer's had problem after problem (specs here) and today it's gotten worse, Steam has stopped working completely, I've had to restart my computer multiple times.

I've re-installed Steam about 6 times the past month., but afterwards it would work again, until I start booting up and it starts giving me errors like "Fatal error: Steam can't write to it's dir" and "Steam can't write to it's dir"

But this last time, it deleted all of my games, and wouldn't start, so I uninstalled it again, reinstalled it, and now it won't even start up.

A few minutes ago, I started having problems with webpages not loading, programs crashing, Windows BSoD, and after that reboot after the BSoD, the screen looked normal, and I tried to open Speedfan and Steam, and my screen went black, and after a few seconds I got a solid red screen, and I reset the computer, ran a few scans, came up clean.

So I'm at a loss about what the problem is.
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  1. I apologize, I have to go to a meeting for College that I start soon. Tonight is "orientation" night. So when I get back (around 8pm Eastern US time) I will read your responses.
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