GTX260 anno 2013, how does it hold up

Hey guys,

My dad upgraded from a GTX260 to a GTX660 today (he didn't find the performance boost overwhelming, go figure!)

He gave the GTX260 to me. I have a 550 Ti (ASUS DirectCU OC) and if I'm correct they are pretty much equal in performance, while the 550 Ti requires half the power or something...

My question is, is it worth giving this card to a friend for a budget gaming rig, or are there just some $100 deals that will completely blast the 260 away? And is it worth still using it because of it's huge power consumption? Enlighten me. :D
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    Well judging from just the GPU hierarchy chart, the 260 falls pretty far down as its quite an old card. For a 100$ you could get a GT 640 which is even further down the chart, or you can get the radeon HD7750 which is surprisingly further up but doesnt perform better. So the GTX 260 performs better than anything that selling right now at 100$.,3107-7.html
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