Motherboard & CPU Combos. Any good deals?

Hello, I was wondering if there was any great Cpu & Motherboard deals out there for under 150$ Not looking for something crazy. Atleast something that can hold atleast 32GB maximum ram memory just incase I do want to upgrade my ram. I have everything else just need processor and motherboard due to a motherboard burnout i had.
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    What do you wanna do with it ? I usually don't go below this .... but it's $200 more than ya budget
  2. Ithink either amd or intel system would be hard to get 32 gig of ram in a board for under 150 bucks without cuttin alot of things sure I could do a biostar board with 32 gig of ram with a really slow apu cpu for that socket for around that price but having the 32 gig of ram wouldnt help the slowest cpu in the board.
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