H80i thermal compound or Arctic silver 5?

Hi, I just bought H80i cooler to replace my broken H80. I had all this time arctic silver 5 on my i7 3930k instead of H80 embedded thermal compoud. Is it better this time to place the H80i with its own thermal compound or should i clean it and apply Arctic silver 5 again?
thank u
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    The included paste should be as good as AS5 and removes any chances of messing up.
  2. thank u very much sir
  3. One thing you may want to do is adjust the fan profile within the Link software as well since the fans can get rather loud if you do not tweak them a bit.
  4. That would be my next question :)
    Should i use Link software? Is it stable and not buggy? For example with H80 (my previous waterblock) i didnt connect my fans on it. I connect em to the motherboard so i can control em through AI suite straight from my motherboard. AI suite has a lot of other issues, but at least the Fan Xpert software is very descent for controlling my fans. Do you think Corsair link worths the shot or i should connect fans as I had em with H80?
    Thank you
  5. That is up to you. Corsair link seems to save settings in the unit it self. I made some setting changes and on reboot even without the software running, They settings still worked(lower fan speed and a different LED color to show things have been changed).

    I personally do prefer the way my board deals with fan control as it is more easy to setup, but once you have a setting you like in Link, you can just close it and never open it again.

    I did notice that on one open of link(wanted to see the cold plate temp with the board controlling the fans), it did shut the LED's off, not a big deal, but it may have some minor bugs.
  6. I ll stick to the motherboard cause it cannot control the chasis fans ;) thanx
  7. I miss read. :)

    MB fan curves are very easy to set as well.
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