Wifi Adapter Shutting Itself Off

I installed Windows 8 Pro 64-bit earlier this year, worked fine. Eventually I reinstalled Windows 8 on the same machine, and my Wifi adapter started doing some weird things.

It's very hard to explain, but basically, whenever I need my Wifi adapter the most, or when I'm doing the most networking, the adapter/windows will notify me that the adapter was unplugged, it will then re-identify the adapter, but say it cannot find any networks until I unplug it and plug it back in. More things to note is sometimes when it happens, it's only when I go to a certain website (In this case, it seems to do it with Youtube a lot), or when I upload files to dropbox.

I have gotten all the drivers many times. Uninstalled old, reinstalled, etc.

I recently built a new computer, and put my old Hard Drive with the same Windows installation into this computer. I've had no problems beyond the Wifi adapter still doing this.

Another interesting thing is my USB External Hard Drive also randomly disconnects and reconnects itself after long periods of time. This has only happened on my new PC build however, making me believe something might be faulty with my USB Controllers (But no errors are reported in Device Manager).

I have tested this with 2 different Wifi adapters on 2 different routers/networks.

USB Selective Suspend is turned OFF, and I have the device manager set to not be allowed to turn off my USB devices to save energy.

Is it possible that I got a bad Windows installation or something?

This problem is extremely annoying and I would like to get it fixed. Like right now, I'm trying to download a 400mb file, but every time I start the download, my adapter shuts itself off and claims it cannot find any networks several seconds after the download hits top speed.
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  1. Some WL adapters are put in low performance mode by the system manufacturers to increase battery life of system/laptop. thats selfish! right click on battery icon in the task bar and go to advanced power settings where you find how you want your WL adapter to function.
    Right click on the battery icon in your taskbar->Power Options->Change Plan Settings->Change Advanced Power Settings->Wireless Adapter Settings and put it on maximum performance and dont let WL adapter to turn your computer off!
  2. I would suggest to note down your computer`s model number and search for the right driver from your manufacturer`s website. This thing happen most of the time because of inappropriate driver which sometime can automatically be selected by windows.
  3. I cannot believe this, but after months of trying to fix this (on and off, trying and then giving up), it turns out that, for me, checking ON (enabled) the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” worked. Got this idea from My guess is that the driver expects to turn the network card back on after sleep or on a cold boot, and because the option is turned off, it toggles the "switch" from being already on to off. Maybe? Anyway it works for me now, perfectly.
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