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Eyefinity 3 Screens + 1 Auxiliary Display?

I know that with NVidia Surround you can have 1 Auxiliary display for monitoring stuff or browsing etc. But, I have 2 7970's and plan on upgrading to triple monitor Eyefinity 1920x1080p screens, plus one Auxiliary 1280x1024 display above them for monitoring temps, Skype, servers, etc. Is this possible?

I hear that you need all of the monitors to be the same resolution, but I'd not like to buy a 4th 1080p monitor just for Auxiliary, since I already own this 1280x1024 monitor. Do I need to set up certain profiles so that the 3 screens will display the game in Eyefinity whilst the Auxiliary monitor is seperate and not displaying a game?

Thank you!
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  1. Hmmm. I have a similar setup, except I'm only using one Asus DCII 6970. That card has three DP ports in addition to two dvi ports. So I have three 1600x1200 monitors in an eyefinity config (on desk) and a 1080p TV (in entertainment cabinet). The TV functions as a separate desktop from the eyefinity monitors and is virtually located above the middle of my eyefinity monitors. Physically its in the entertainment center cabinet. Anyway, my point is that you can game on the three screens while the other monitor (or TV in my situation) is displaying something else (like temp monitor, task manager, or even play video). As soon as you click the other monitor the game will unfortunately minimize - I haven't yet discovered a way around that. But it works pretty well unless you need to interact with the other monitor.

    So the difference with your setup would be that you need to be in CrossFire with a pair of 7970s. The 7970s to my knowledge can only have three monitors connected at once (only a max of two DVI/VGA/HDMI - the third must be a Displayport monitor or adapter)... I'm not sure if the displayport "hubs" are available or what the deal is with them. The thing to check, (I'm just not sure of it with the 7000-series, someone here will know) make sure that CrossFire doesn't require that all monitors be connected to one single card. Hope that helps.
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    When you set up eyefinity you only select the 3 monitors and have them a group. Then you can just position where you want the fourth to be. Only the monitors in the eyefinity group will be the same res. Here's the eyefinity setup guide. It's mostly useless but shows the different configs you can do. You can see with 4, 5, and 6 it shows accessory monitors.

    Any modern amd card will support as many monitors as capable connections with monitors above 2 needing to be on active dp. With cf, only the first card can have monitors in it.

    You can stop it from minimizing by playing in windowed. No other way around it. You are essentially alt tabbing.
  3. k1114 said:
    With cf, only the first card can have monitors in it.

    I figured it hadn't changed, just couldn't remember. So if his 7970s only have one DP, is he limited to only connecting three monitors if he wants to be in CrossFire?
  4. Yes with the exception of sapphire flex cards. But there is no 7970 flex.
  5. I find it way easier to setup eyefinity by plugging in only the 3 monitors first and setup your whole eyefinity, then after that plug in your 4 monitor and select extended, in my case I don't even have to it just gets classed as monitor on its own
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