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I'm having some issues with my Realtek HD Audio Manager where it doesn't recognize my speakers which are plugged through the S-PDIF/out (Green). Also the volume for my speakers seems to be off, at 100% I hear things as if I had my speakers at maybe 60-70% and I think the cause for this might be that I can't configure my speakers properly through Realtek HD Audio Manager to set it as 5.1 and maybe it is set as stereo by default.

This what I've done to solve the problem:

1. Update Realtek HD Audio drivers to the latest one (
2. Do a roll-back on the drivers to (
3. Re-install drivers from MB's all-in-one CD
4. Check BIOS to see if audio settings were enabled, only option was HD Audio and it was enabled.
4. In Realtek HD Audio Manager, I checked "Disable front panel jack detection", "Make front and rear output devices playback two different audio streams simultaneously" and "Separate all input jacks as independent input devices". Also I unchecked "Mute the rear output device, when a front headphone plugged in".
5. I checked under Playback Devices to see if the Optical S-PDIF/out was enabled as default device, and everything was fine. Then I clicked on properties and disabled all enhancements.
6. Checked to see if there was something muted, nothing was.

Whenever I plug in my headphones through the front panel (Green) on my case, I get the option to configure my speakers in the Realtek HD Audio Manager for Stereo, quadraphonic, 5.1, etc. and I even get a pop up message saying a new device has been plugged in. None of this happens with my speakers, I get no pop up messages, I don't get the option to configure them as 5.1 and even after I disconnect the cable from the optical output, it still shows as if the device is connected and enabled. Not sure if my MB BIOS version has anything to do with this.

Computer Details:

-MB: MSI Z87-G45 Gaming | Driver Version: (1.10) Newest one: (1.30)
-CPU: Intel i7-4770k
-RAM: 16GB
-GPU: GTX 770
-Storage: Samsung 840 250GB SSD | Hitachi 2TB | Hitachi 320GB
Case: Cooler Master Trooper Full-Tower

I'll provide some screenshots of what I see and what I'm supposed to see.

What I see:

What I am supposed to see:

If this is of any help:

Thanks in advance for any help... anything is appreciated
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  1. Hey so you solved your problem? I have the same issue let me know thanks
  2. Hi
    The optical output will only support stereo and cannot output 5.1 unless you have DTS-Hd on both your sound chip and speakers (very unlikely).
  3. I'll preface my comment by saying that I am far from an expert in the areas of computers and am having my own issues with getting my CPU to produce what I want regarding audio. I didn't know that the green was optical so the following may be worthless.
    The only way I was able to achieve what you are asking is to get two headphone to RCA splitters. One from headphone to to back of my receiver and the other from the green to back of receiver. The mic or pink is for center/sub woofer. At one point I got a headphone splitter and then used the two headphone to RCA to each speaker pair..........couldn't get surround that way.
    Doubt it helps but hope it does.
    Also, when I hooked up using three outputs on back of cpu the only thing I had to change in Realtek was setting to put it to 5.1.
  4. My new Asrock Z87X4 has the Realtex HD Audio Manager and it does not recognize my Logictech Z-680 speaker system which is connected via SPDIF (optical cable). Under normal operations stereo audio comes out of the speakers but the Audio Manager only shows the "Digital Output" tab. When I plug headphones into the front analog jack the 5.1 speakers all cut out, stereo audio comes through the headphones AND the "Speakers" tab in the Audio Manager appears. When I then click the "Auto Test" button, the 5.1 test sounds are heard in the stereo headphones. When I remove the headphones from the front panel audio jack, the "Speakers" tab in the Audio Manager goes away and stereo sound (not 5.1) returns to the main speakers.

    How to I get 5.1 sound through the main speakers? The Z-680s say that they're DTS but since they're 10 years old are they missing a chip or a protocol or...?

    Update: Asrock very promptly replied and suggested that I RMA the board which I'm not gonna do cuz it just ain't worth all the effort ...
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