Wifi Incredibly slow after upgrade to windows 8

Hello all just as the title says after upgrading to windows 8 my internet speed plummeted. I used to run legue of legends at 62 ping and stream youtube in 1080p with no problems. I have a desktop as well that is running fine on the same wifi so I know its not the wifi. Now I searched for drivers missing and a driver for Intel Centrino Advanced N+ WiMax 6250 is missing and windows cant find the driver. I think this is whats causing my problems but where can I find this driver? If this doesnt fix it what should I try next? Thanks ahead of time.
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  1. Download the one titled: Wireless_16.1.1_De64.exe unless you have 32Bit then download Wireless_16.1.1_De32.exe


    That's the latest driver from Intel. Never use one provided by MS as they can be quite old unless its USB 3 drivers.

    Also, never do an upgrade. Always backup data and reinstall clean to avoid strange issues like this.
  2. When I said that I upgraded that is what I meant. I backed up and did a clean install. I tried both of the 64 bit programs on that page and neither seemed to work. The first just had a wifi symbol that loads for a minute then does nothing. The second installed intel proset wifi but I think it was a program and not a driver. I ran the intel driver checker on my computer and for my Intel Centrino Advanced N+ WiMax and the Intel Centrino Advanced N Wifi have the same driver installed. Or at least that is what it says. According to windows I have no driver for the first (the WiMax). Any other ideas? Its still all clunky and slow.

    Also I dont know how to check your current wifi speed on windows 8 but I would be able to tell you what it is now compared to its normal 54 mbs.
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