Need help - installed new GTX 680 4gb - PC won't maintain power - don't think it's the PSU.


So I bought my wife an Asus GTX 680 4gb for her birthday...

Went to install it last night, she only had one 6 pin PCIE power cord coming from her PSU. I added an additional one (found an 8 pin to 6/8 pin in her mobo box). Plugged it in and I get the green lights above both when in standby. Whenever I try and start it everything starts up for a second, the green light above the cable I put in flashes red and it all dies. After that won't boot again until I cycle the PSU power.

I tried starting it up just with the already present power cable plugged in. Starts up, maintains power, however it obviously says to turn it off and connect the second power cable. When I try just plugging in the one I installed by itself it won't boot up.

I'm not certain of the wattage of her PSU, however her PC was brand new roughly 1- 1.5 years ago. Plus there's still a spare 6 or so slots on her PSU so I don't think it would be a power issue...

Possibly the cable I installed is faulty? I've double checked all the connections everywhere and it looks like everything is connected correctly...

Oh also, I don't know if this matters but the cable I installed says PCIE on it like the other one. However the end of it is red, not black like the pre-installed one...

I'm competent with PC's however it's been a long time since I was up-to-date or anything (still amazed at the size of this video card, the fact it needs 2 aux powers and the fact that the PSU has slots so you can add). So I'm not sure of the difference with the colours and such...

Would appreciate any and all help that you guys can give!!

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  1. Whats the make and model of the power supply? A poor quality power supply no matter what the wattage may not be able to power a card like the 680.
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    Almost certainly the PSU in inadequate. Unplug computer, remove GPU and restart in its prior, known-working condition (either on integrated or whatever it was prior to the new upgrade). If it starts then good. You need to get a new PSU. A quality 500 or 550w should work - I don't know her system info though. Seasonic is the brand I'd recommend on PSU, but there are many others that people will recommend. Something like this (there's a modular version also) -
  3. malonik said:

    So I bought my wife an Asus GTX 680 4gb for her birthday...


    In any case, those symptoms sound very much like a PSU problem. How many amps does it have on the +12v rail?
  4. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the replies and such..

    I'll post her full PC specs tonight, as for returning it to it's working state unfortunately I bought the vid card as her last one died... Could try my video card though I guess..

    Uhm, I read briefly on another thread aobut the whole rail thing and all that... but honestly I really don't get it... Any chance of some info on how I check? O.o' lol

    Again thanks for the replies! :)
  5. Basically "rails" are what each voltage output is called.
    It could have 1 to 4 12v rails, each with a current rating. You do not want to exceed the ratings of the rails or the total wattage.

    It should say on the label how many amps each rail has.
  6. Oh right, I'll have a look when I get home.. I wonder if that's the problem and I'm just noobing it up...
  7. Okay thank you very much smeeze! We have power!!!!!!

    However new problem, we have no visual, moniter is registering that it's connected to something, however nothing... Haven't tried hdmi yet, will after this smoke.

    Any suggestions?

    Also seriously <3 you guys! lol
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