RJ 45 LAN cable to ADSL line of wireless modem/router

I have LAN with RJ 45 connector coming out from optic fiber box by ISP provider. Now I want to connect it to wireless ADSL modem/router (AZTEK 605 EW) with 1 ADSL line RJ 11 and four port with RJ 45. My question is how can I connect my LAN wire with RJ 45 to ADSL line with RJ 11 of router. Please help me out !
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  1. It is pretty simple.
    You could buy a cable with rj11 on one ends and rj45 on the other.
    You can get a adapter to convert it.
    You can cut the end off the rj45 cable and put a rj11 on it.
    But the simplest is to use a telephone cable with rj11 on both ends and just plug it into the rj45 jack.

    Although it could be different almost all dsl connection use the center 2 pins normally blue and blue/white in a standard cable. The RJ11 and RJ45 just happen to line up for the center pins.

    As a update I am now thinking this is not what you are asking.

    If the optical box is providing a ethernet connection and not a DSL connection then it is impossible to connect your router as you want. DSL is not ethernet and there is no cost effective way to convert it. You will likely need a different router.
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    I guess Sunil's ISP (could be Beam tele) provides a switch for whole building with fiber optic cable and from the switch he gets an ethernet cable (with RJ45 connector). Its a pure cable connection and you cannot connect it to an ADSL modem. You can rather connect it directly to a Router (buy a cheaper NRouter for some 1000 bucks) and configure it. If ISP gave you log in details you have to configure your router in PPPoE to avoid logging in every time you open a web page.
    As an update, ADSL is only for telephone connections (like BSNL, Airtel etc in India) which needs a splitter that separates phone line and internet line.
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