all media plays for ~4 seconds

whether i try to play a song or a video that's on my hard drive in any application (windows media player/spotify/iTunes/apps/etc) it plays for 2-5 seconds before repeating or playing the next song. I've read about others experiencing the same problem and not a single one thread had resolved the issue. Nothing works, because it's capable of playing all the media (i.e: the track is able to play any section of the song, but only for a couple seconds before glitching out) I've even done a clean install twice. The problem persists.
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  1. Do you have the latest drivers for your sound card? I was using Realtek onboard for a while before I reinstalled my X-Fi and with the generic Windows drivers it would get really quiet randomly in games.
  2. Yup the sound card is fine & updated. It's strange because audio in games, Netflix, even music in spotify in the web player all work fine. Like, it's completely capable of playing everything normally but it chooses not to...
  3. Do you happen to have any third party codecs installed at all? There are some that are ok like Klite and others which can be bad.
  4. Perhaps I may have but I'm not completely sure. Any way to find out/reset to default? I've already done two clean reinstalls of windows 8, I'd have guessed that would be enough.
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