Cannot Get Brand New HD7850 to Work At All......

Hi there. I purchased a video card and it arrived today. I am having a huge problem installing it however. :fou: The card I purchased is a HIS H785F2G2M. Its an Radeon HD7850. It is brand new out of the box. My system consists of:

ASROCK 890GX Pro3 motherboard
750 watt PSU
1.5 TB HDD
12GB of RAM

For the life of me I cannot get this card to function. I seated it properly in the PCIE slot and turned on my PC and it will not display anything. Neither through the DVI nor through the HDMI interface. I have tried everything, cleaned the contacts, upgraded my BIOS to version 1.40 (the newest version), changed the settings in the BIOS to force PCIE adapter as default, I uninstalled the drivers for the integrated graphics I was previously using and also used driver sweeper in safe mode to remove remnants to ensure clean driver install and attempted to isntall driver form the accompanying driver disk, I've replaced CMOS battery, reset the BIOS, everything. Nothing works. One thing I find peculiar is that there is a 2-digit error code display built into the motherboard. Every time I try to boot with the new card I get an error: "97" on the display. According to the user manual that represents "Console Output Devices Connect" and I have no idea what that means?? I've been at this for six hours now. Can someone please help me?? Thank you.
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  1. Also I should mention that I also attempted to get an older PCIE to work and I am also having problems with it as well. Something tells me it may be the motherboard but I am out of answers and pulling my hair out.
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