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How to make domain users access file server in the same ip range but not part of the domain

Hello , as it written in the title , i have a file server that not part of the domain , however it got ip from the same ip range , so the user could ping it , now how i make these domain user access that file server and give these users permissions ? what is the solutions or suggestion because i informed that we will not insert that file server in the domain .. so what should i do to give them access and permissions ??


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    Setup a local account or accounts on the server. When the users connect, they can use that local account to authenticate, or map a drive using "connect as a different user" option. They need to use the localpcname\localuser in the user name. If the system is on the same network, the only thing you can't do is setup domain users and groups on the computer, everything else works the same for sharing.
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