*Another* "Display Driver Has Stopped Responding And Has Recovered"

I got a new graphics card for my PC. Well its actually a family computer so its not really personal. Anyways Like several hundred other people it seems, I installed the drivers from the website and enjoyed the wonderful graphics of my new XFX Radeon HD 7750 Core Edition card. (I previously had an AMD 3200 Integrated Chip.)
I played Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (a buggy game to begin with from what i have read) to test the graphics because it previously ran in a permanent slow-motion because the 3200 was so bad. But I also had trouble with Heroes of Might and Magic V. Both games use DirectX 9 but I think that is just a coincidence. My GPU is also not on the games supported card list but it is a newer one and I don't think it existed when those games were made. Now that I have a good GPU I was going to start buying newer games, but then I started having problems. With the new Card I was able to play for a while but then it froze and then turned to the black screen. It has done this countless times and I have tracked the graphics cards heat and it isn't the problem. I have tried re-installing drivers, updating windows 7, uninstalled and cleared the drivers with the special programs in safe mode too. Because its a family PC I don't think Reinstalling windows is an option, and i am hesitant to update the BIOS. These errors are just so broad that nothing seems to be the universal fix.

I have read some crazy things that are supposed to fix this but i just don't know what to do.

The new Graphics card does come with a disk to install drivers but it didn't work when I tried using it. I think its because the previous were still there and I didn't clear them with the special programs, But it doesn't matter if i get them from the AMD website or the XFX disc, Does it?

Here are the specs:
PC: Gateway DX4300-11
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 805 Processor (4 CPUs), ~2.5GHz
GPU: XFX Radeon HD 7750 Core Edition
PSU: 460 Watt
Everything is default except the GPU and PSU.
Its not a great PC for gaming but I wanted wait until i move out of the house to invest several hundred into a good PC.

Please help. I'm running out of ideas. I can return the card and get a refund but I don't think its the problem.

P.S. Sorry if parts of this make no sense it is 4:30 in the morning and i need sleep.
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  1. maybe just try reinstalling the drivers?
    find a program to 100% remove amd drivers and reinstall the latest
  2. 1- uninstall your driver from control panel remove all ATI applications
    2- download the following link to clear all your previos ATI cached Data
    3- install the driver sweeper
    4-restart your pc into safe mode
    5- run driver sweeper and delete everything that say's ATI after the scan
    6-you will need to restart back normally to windows
    7-install ATI Driver that's older than the current version most stable as i think is 13.9 you can find it on ATI support page
    and it will work flawlessly for you
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