AMD FX 8350 CPU OC temps, are these safe?

Hey all!

I'll make this quick. I am using the AMD Overdrive utility to stress my cpu at 100% load. And with my Hyper 212 evo, my AMD fx 8350 is running at 4.4 ghz. I've only let it run for 20 mins due to time constraints, but the max was 54 C. For the last 10 mins it stayed right at 54. Is this safe? I also plan to stream and game of course, so I want to make sure that is safe as well. Thanks!
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  1. Yes thats safe but try Intel burn test, it stresses the CPU much more.
  2. I think AMD CPUs throttle at 63C, Intel CPUs throttlte at 100C.
    Prime95 can also really stress the CPU.
  3. they dont throttle until 70 atleast my 8120 dosent
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    You will be safe using the Overdrive utility to overclock and stress test. The warmest mine got using the Overdrive stress test was 62 degC clocked at 4.8Ghz. After many hours of gameplay, temps get up to 50 degC max. Never seen it go higher than that while gaming. Its very rare for any game to push your processor harder than the Overdrive stress test. If, for some reason, your CPU gets too hot, it will automatically throttle the processor to prevent damage.

    So yes, you are safe.
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