Not sure if i should get a new cpu or a new gpu.

im looking at either upgrading my athlon II x4 640 to a FX 8320 black edition (while getting a new mobo) or upgrading my evga gts 450 gddr5 to a mid range gpu much like a 7850 or a 650ti
im only looking to upgrade one and i have a budget of around $250~
any ideas?

or maybe i could get a phenom 965 which doesnt require me to change my mobo, but is it even an upgrade?
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    what operating system/what resolution/what games?

    the 965 and a better card before the 8k series and the same card. but would try a better card with existing processor.
  2. Windows 7 x64/ 1920x1200/ Mostly League of Legends but i'd like to play the new shooter games likes blacklist and battlefield 4 when it comes out
    You say better card, would a nvidia or an amd card be better and what brands should i go for?
  3. a 2gig 7870 would be okay. more card than a 965 could push. after that a system upgrade.
  4. Thanks for your help I think Ill get the 7870
  5. If you go for CPU, upgrade to intel i5 and if you go for GPU go for gtx 660 (Ive got one and it costed me 200 €. Works great).
  6. I'd wait for the AMD 9000 series which should launch sometime around October.
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