SSD+HDD. Do I need to defrag?

I know I don't need to defrag the SSD.
I've had the PC almost 2 months now, should run the disk defrag on the HDD?
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  1. Immaculate said:
    I know I don't need to defrag the SSD.
    I've had the PC almost 2 months now, should run the disk defrag on the HDD?

    There is no reason for don't defrag an HDD in a system with a SSD, maybe you have a lower fragmentation rate at the HDD being a secondary storage and need to defrag it less frequently, but you must still do it if you dont want to loose some performance.
  2. Assuming you are using Windows 7 your drives automatically defrag.

    You should check and make sure your SSD never gets defragged.
    Your HDD should still get defragged but windows 7 should do this by itself regularly.
  3. The HDD defrag schedule was set for "Never Run"
    Win 7 Ultimate.
    I've owned the drive for about 2 months and has 390GB of data written to it.
    SSD is NEVER RUN also. So how often should I run the defragger for the HDD. Its a 1tb WD BLUE.
  4. depends on how often you write an delete stuff as defrag just fills the spaces left in the middle of your files. Run defrag it will tell you how fragmented your files are and if you need to run the actual defrag step. I rarely delete and havent run it in 2 years.
  5. Ok I did Analyze Disk. The drive is 554/931GB. 11% Fragmented. I feel like It doesn't need to be ran. Right or wrong?
  6. 11% is quite a lot. I think you should run the defragmenter. It is best to leave a scheduled defragment on for normal HDDs say once daily or once weekly. Daily defrag is very fast, once your drive is defragged the second time is much faster the next day.
  7. So I ran the defrag. All is good now with the HDD.
    I decided to run the "Analyze Disk" option for my Samsung 840 Pro 128GB.
    I know your not supposed to run the actual defragmenter for the SSDs.
    My SSD said 28% Fragmented. What should I do?
  8. You should defrag the hdd once in a week.
  9. Also is there ANY downfall to running the defrag?
  10. Best answer
    No, the only downfall is the use of the disk (that's why SSD must not be defrag, you improve nothing and have a limited number of writes and defrag use a lot of ones usually) but thats no problem on a HDD.
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