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I have a hp envy phoenix h9 10gb ram intel core i5 quad and I installed a zotac gtx 650 ti 2gb amp edition graphics card to it. When i try to start the computer it beeps 6 times and nothing shows up on my monitor. can somebody know how to fix this. thank you in advance.
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  1. Never buy OEM products! .. But anyways..
    Take a look at this page to see the most common beep codes for HP machines:

    As you may have guessed it is probably something with the new video card. Have you pulled it out and remounted it to make sure you have it mounted correctly?
  2. Did you connect the 6 pin aux power connector to the card?
  3. it only beeps when i connect the 6 pin connector to the graphics card
  4. Will it start with the new gpu in the slot, but without the 6pin connected?
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