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so I was wondering.. coz the Jetstream is kind of GINORMUS, If i could stick another one in there? if not what other cards that is compatible with a 660ti jetstream...... I'm really new here and If you could explain to me how I can assemble SLI that would be supper appreciated for future builds :) I'm 18 and sadly embarrassed coz most kids at this age are amazing in this stuff :)
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    It's only a double slot card so yes it does fit, my 660Ti's are double slot as well and they have fitted.
  2. Double slot card? i thought the slots where in the mother bored not on the GPU (V-cards) :) but thanks for the super fast reply
  3. If you look at the part of the card that you attach your monitor cable to you will see that it takes up two slots , hence double slot card.
  4. ho? so that's what's it's called (wrong grammar) but I was talking about SLI :/ perhaps i need to redo my question. is it misleading?
  5. Two double slot cards can run in SLi, mine do.
  6. ho OK that was a really fast response:) thanks I think this is solved then
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