who can give me some build advice?

Hi guys

can someone advice me a good game setup
i need :
graphics card
cooler if needed

max 275$

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  1. Best I can do starts about $550 .... MSI Z87 GD-65 w/ 4670k, Hyper 212 and 650 Ti Boost. yes, ya can do cheaper but I can't imagine being "content" with it at 1920 x 1080
  2. thats tooo much :P
    im 13 so i cant afford 550$ :(

    i want to play games like bf3 on mid- high

  3. For $275, you won't be able to get more than 1 of those parts, let alone all of them, unless you're willing to run your games on low settings. You'd need at least $500 to get almost decent versions of everything on your list, and the parts you'd get for that price would barely play the newest games on medium settings. A better budget for a decent gaming system to get all of those parts would be about $600-750.

    A good price for some decent parts would be (this would be an ok gaming system, not too great though; it should handle most recent games at medium settings):

    CPU - $200-250
    Video Card - $200-250
    Motherboard - $100-150
    Cooler - $75-100

    You could go with lower-end parts and cut that price down some, but you'll be getting brands with lower quality and reliability to do it. The absolute minimum I could see it costing would be:

    CPU - $100-115 (this is a quad-core, don't game with less; could go cheaper, but you won't be able to run any games above the lowest settings for sure)
    Video Card - $65-75 (pretty much the lowest end graphics card I could find that should be able to run most games, but not extremely well)
    Motherboard - $45-50 (barebones, doesn't support many features or additional hardware that I recommend for gaming)
    Cooler - $25-30 (half decent cooler, not great)

    This setup would meet your budget, but I doubt you'd be running any games above the lowest possible settings, and you'd probably run into some problems even then on the newest games.

    For BF3 on mid-high settings, you'd need the stuff in the $700 range...
  4. no i dont believe that what ur saying
    ok i go for 300$
    but check this
    XFX HD7750 Core Edition 2 gb
    € 83,90*
    AMD FX-6100
    € 97,90*

    ASRock 970 Pro3 R2.0
    € 63,90*

    Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO
    € 22,99

  5. Those specs are just above the BF3 recommended specs, so you'd be able to get low-med settings from it at best. I don't know how many PCs you've built before (I'm guessing not many at 13 years old), but I've been building PCs and gaming systems since before you were born and I guarantee that the recommended specs for a game will not get you better than low-med or medium settings at the very best. For most newer games, you're going to need a great setup to run it at med-high settings or better, and the parts you name above don't make a great setup. You'll be able to play games on it, but barely at medium settings for anything new.
  6. my friend have the same system and runs it at high (without aa)
    with 30-40 fps
  7. Since you seem to know what you're talking about, then by all means go ahead and build that system. Good luck with it.

    Keep in mind that BF3 is an older game (been out almost 2 years), so don't expect the same results with newer games.
  8. ok thnx for your advice skeefers
    it was helpfull :D
    i was thinking of this ''mid step''
    if i buyed this im gonna get some money with work far an better videocard-and the other things :)
    if newer amd things come out im going to save money for an 900$ build

    i was thinking of this mid step

    fx-6300 piledriver (im skyping alot and downloading things if im gaming)
    xfx 7750 core edition
    motherboard i dont know :)

    can u advice a 75$ motherboard?
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  10. thnx skeefers !
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