What is the difference between these two MSI motherboards?

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  1. Pavel Pokidaylo said:

    I just did my new build on the GD-65. I was doing some of the same research as you when I was looking for parts. I read that it has better temps than the 45. It also has faster speeds in general. It also has mSATA for me which I will upgrade in the not too distant future. I'm overall very happy with it. The killer network card is annoying to some people but i actually enjoy it. It's pretty snappy and I like having a 3rd party program control it.
  2. So how much faster and lower temps are we talking here? And what is faster on it exactly? There is a combo on newegg right now for the i5 4670k and the MSI 45.
  3. the first one got more option but in the base they are the same board if your a big gamer or overclocker i would get the first one .
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    The difference is $30 ....

    All kidding aside, go here and check the boxes for what should be the 1st two MoBos on the list and hit compare

    GD-65 has:

    2 extra SATA ports
    mSATA port
    Multi BIOS Switch
    GO2BIOS button
    OC Genie button
    1 x 2-Digit Debug Code LED (very handy)
    Super Charger: Quickly Charge your iPad/iPhone/smartphones even under S0/S1/S3/S4/S5 mode
    SLI Bridge (Not listed for G45 but shud be there)
    Heat Pipes on VRM

    The GD-65 has notched many overclocking records as was pointed out in other thread....due most likely to its 12 phase power design (versus 8 on the G45). In the reviews I read, there's oft mention of the heavy duty components on the GD-65 ....if they are mentioned for the G45, I missed it.

    "Parts such as Super Ferrite Chokes that run at up to 35 degree Celsius lower temperatures, have a 30% higher current handling capacity, and a 20% improvement in power efficiency; Tantalum filled Hi-C Caps that are are up to 93% efficient; and "Dark Capacitors" that feature Lower ESR and a ten-year lifespan all tied into a PCB with improved temperature and humidity protections "....

    Would I spend the $30 ? In a heartbeat
  5. And the 45 has none of this? Thing is the combo would save me 60 dollars.

    I only plan on overclocking my cards (maybe) sometimes and I figured I'd put a small overclock on the CPU. Do I still need the 65 or would the 45 be good for me?
  6. About the cooling. What exactly will be cooler with the 65? I'm clueless about motherboards
  7. Pavel Pokidaylo said:
    And the 45 has none of this? Thing is the combo would save me 60 dollars.

    I only plan on overclocking my cards (maybe) sometimes and I figured I'd put a small overclock on the CPU. Do I still need the 65 or would the 45 be good for me?

    Those were differences between the two .... you can compare for yaself using the compare function on newegg at the link I gave you.

    The MoBo is the heart of your system, everything depends on want those fancy caps, chokes, 12 phase power, etc..... better components as described have higher efficiencies which means, longer life, superior performance, more efficiency and less heat.....if a component is 90% efficient and anothe ris 80%, that means the better one generates 10% of its energy as heat and the other twice as much w/ 20%

    As for the CPU cooling, assuming you're not going full blown custom loop.

    1. Coolermaster Eisberg 240L - real water cooling, not the silly / noisy (we are talking 64 times as loud) Asetek stuff that Corsair sells for Asetek. Can use as a closed loop cooler to "get ya feet wet" so to speak and expand the loop later on....About $130

    2. Phanteks PH-TC14-PE best performer of the big 3 ( incl. Noctua DH-14 and Silver Arrow) and most aesthetically pleasing. $80

    3. Hyper 212 - Budget option for $30
  8. Jack, the 45 comes in a combo with the i5 which saves me 60 bucks over going for the i5 and G65 seperately. What do you think? I know you say the G65 is better but will the G45 serve my needs? I'm not planning on making any record overclocks. The better cooling sounds nice but I'm not sure exactly what will be cooler or if I need it at all.

    Is the G45 still a good motherboard for what I plan to do?
  9. Oh I'm going to be moving my liquid over from my Alienware. The computer guy said it's a good one.
  10. I told you what Id do.... well Id do the Asus Maximus VI Formula..... but if given the choice between the 65 and 45, Id do the 65 w/o a thought to the $60 savings....only you can decide whether the features and performance are worth $60 ..... "to you"
  11. Yea my computer guy also told me to go for a motherboard around $180.00 instead of $150.00. I've never seen either of these two in action so I really don't know what kind of performance difference it would be. I know the G65 is better, I just don't know if it's necessary or not.

    Would any of those upgrades translate into higher FPS in games? :)

    Yea the VI formula is too expensive. If I go for the MSI G65 would that be best for this price range? Or is there a better one from Asus?

    You've convinced me to go for a better board lol
  12. Do you have new / correct mounting hardware for the liquid cooler to fit the different CPU socket ?

    I think the differences have been covered already.... restating it won't change anything but less heat, better overclocking..... all lead to more performance (yes that means more fps and everything else) and longer life.
  13. He said it's a standard liquid cooler and we'd be able to put it in.

    As for the motherboard. I'm asking if there is a better solution from Asus in this price range or should I just go for the G65?
  14. As I said in the other thread, the GD-65 is the best MoBo under $200 .... I also gave you the other Asus MoBos that I generally buy above $200. I really don't have anything else to say other than what already posted.

    You have an Alienware box.... someone put a cooler on it, using one of the 2 or 3 mounting backplates and screw sets that it came with you have the ones that weren't used ? Did you get a bagful of alternate mounting mechanisms ?

    As you can see here.....

    WB Mounting mechanisms are different for:

    CPU Socket 478
    CPU Socket AM2/AM3
    CPU Socket LGA2011
    CPU Socket 603/604/F
    CPU Socket LGA115x
    CPU Socket LGA775
    CPU Socket 939/940
    CPU Socket LGA1366
  15. If the 65 is the best for the price then I'll just go with that. I'll let the computer guy figure out what to do with the cooler. I don't think I have any extra parts for it.
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