Samsung 103SI and 103UJ data transfer problems.

I have 103SJ and 103UJ these two HDD's setup for storage along with one 252HJ HDD as the OS drive. My mobo is eg43m-s2h, cpu e7200, ram twinmos 2gb*2.

Now the problem is moving data to or from the 103UJ drive, or so I think. when I am transferring data between the 103SI and the 252HJ drive the transfer rates are normal. But when I am transferring data between 103UJ and any other drive then the data rate drops below 10mb from a sudden spike of 100+ in the beginning and keeps falling.

Now I have watched movies from this drive,played games from this drive.Actually I played starcraft II hos from this drive without any gfx card on this same setup.No hiccups whatsoever.The internal cut/paste rate is also normal.Internal copy/paste rate not so.

I have swapped around data cables,power cables,tried different sata port's on my mobo,nothing works.
Here's the kicker,the 103UJ as well as the 103SI work on other peoples mobo just fine.Like they do this just to frustrate me.I have used these two hDD's for over a year.No more taking this.
Either the 103UJ is faulty,or my mobo,or in a sudden twist of the story the 103SI is faulty,or the 103SJ and UJ have some sorta clash staying in the same mobo?Or is it something else entirely?Is there any solution?
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  1. What happens if you copy data from the 103UJ drive to itself?
  2. is this in vista?
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