A10-5800K@4,4GHz with HD 7870 better in Crysis 3 than 2?

Hi Everyone,

When i play Crysis 3 with my setup, i have an average fps of about 40, no annoying lags or whatsoever at all. But when i play Crysis 2, Maxed out with Dx11 and HiResolution texture pack i have within a building 50-70 fps, but when i'm outside between 30-45 with annoying drops. Could anyone explain this to me and help me solve it?

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  1. On what settings are you playing Crysis 3 ?
  2. Seladon-1370374 said:
    On what settings are you playing Crysis 3 ?

    Crysis 3: High-Settings 1080P 4 x MSAA
    Crysis 2: Fully Maxed Out
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    There's quite a bit difference between high and max settings. Put both on the same settings, and THERE you will be able to compare.
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