G.skill Ripjaws Z 32gb z77 compatibility

I am currently building a gaming PC and have bought the g.skill ripjaws z 32gb at 2400. This RAM is stated in the motherboard manual as being compatible yet when I look on the box it states that it is made for LGA 2011 and x79 motherboards when mine is a Asus Maximus Extreme V which is an LGA1155 and z77 motherboard. I was wondering weather or not this RAM would work as it states that it is made for x79 yet in the motherboard manual it says it should work. I am quite confused as one states one thing and another states a different thing. This is my first build and this RAM is pretty expensive so I am quite nervous about getting it right.
This is the RAM I have bought:
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    It will run fine on your EX-V as long as your CPU can carry it - preferably a a 3770K, 26/2700K or possibly a 3570K, if you have any problems give me a holler, at worse we can set them to 2133 and tighter timings for near same 2400 performance, the Zs are great sticks and with the above listed CPUs should just be able to enable XMP and select profile 1
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