USB to parallell printer in Windows XP

I'm trying to set up a printer (Canon LBP-800) with a Dell laptop running Windows XP. The printer has a parallell port connection while the laptop does not have a parallell port.
I have bought a USB to printer adapter cable, which, according to the store, does not need any drivers for Windows XP.
I belive I have installed the proper drivers for the printer, but when I check the printer status I get a "the printer is not responding"-error. It also says the printer is connected to the wrong kind of port.
Checking the Control Panel I see that the printer is connected to USB001, a "Virtual printer port for USB", which seems appropriate.
I still can't print anything, and I don't know why. What to do?
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    Probably an issue withe the converter, or the printer can't talk to it.

    A more robust solution is to get a network adapter for the printer and return the converter. Something like a JetDirect 170x would work, I've used that model and others. Just hook it up to the router or switch, print out a test page to get the IP address of it, and add the printer as a new Local Port using the IP address. That way you can even print to the same printer from any computer in the house.
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