Can 7750 handle next gen games at 1366x768?

my specs are...fx 8350
4GB ram(will upgrade soon)
XFX core edition 7750 1GB DDR5
res: 1366x768

can i play next gen games lyk watchdogs?
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  1. Yes you can. If yours is a 32 bit OS than don't upgrade RAM.
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    Should be OK at the resolution. As said above^ if you are not running a 64bit OS there is no need to upgrade your ram. If however you are running a 64bit OS then yes it would be good to go with 8gig of ram. But you really do not need to go above 8gig it will not do much good for a gaming rig. Right now 8gig is the sweet spot for gaming.
  3. i have 64bit i will upgrade to 8GB
    thanx for the replies...
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