Computer wont start, some componets failure maybe. three beeps of death

I've never been this frustrated... So some componets are wont work in my pc. and it started a week ago.

I had a huge tower, and bought a smaller one (scout2) because i often go to lan partys, so i moved all my components, into the new tower, and it doesnt work, it just says three beep sounds when i start the pc, so i search the web, and apperently those beep sounds are codes, and it's telling me something is wrong with the RAM, I try to clear the CMOS, and replace the RAM and blow them, and suddenly my pc works all fine :) yay, but it doesnt end here, some fans making some extremely anoying rastling sounds, so i try to fix it. As you know, some case, you can remove the frontpanel, with some force and the fans are located there. When i try to remove the front panel using some force, my pc couldnt handle it for some reason, and it immedeately shuts down. And i try to start my pc up again, but the terror of the three beep sounds return, and i try doing the things i did before, but while trying fixing my pc, something near the motherboard, where the 24pin plug is, or there about, smoke suddenly comes up, and smells badly, and my motherboard doesnt work... and it seems pretty hopeless here to try fixing it out, so i send my pc to a proffesionel to look at it.

After few days, i get the pc returned, and the motherboard was replaced, still the same motherboard model. but a new motherboard. I start my pc up, but after the windows logo, my screen wont show anything, and trying to reboot, but happens everytime, so i wipe all data from my harddisk and reinstall, windows, i everything seems fine, im installing some drivers, but when i install the nvidia drivers for my gpu, and reboot, the some problem occours, it wont get past the windows logo, after searching for solotions, i went to troubleshootmode on pc (or something like that), and remove nvidia drivers, and i had to reseat, my gpu, which seem to be the problem, and my pc boots up, everything is running, and i got all drivers installed, and everything is working fine, until i notice a thing, it's says only my there is 4gb RAM installed, even though i have 8gb. So i turnoff my pc and try to reaseat, my RAM, and guess fucking what, the fucking three beeps of terror returns to haunt me, and i can smell the same smoke, but i cant see it, and my morherboard works, so i try replacing my RAM from a another pc, but the three beep, wont leave me alone. So i ended posting this thread.

so i dont think two motherboards, just wont work at the same way, even after getting a new. And one of the RAM sticks worked fine until i reseated them, and even replacing the RAM with some other ones, it still go on with the three beeps. What the hell could be wrong?

sometimes when i try to sleep at night, i can hear the three beep.

Pc specs:
CPU: i7 3770k 3.5ghz
RAM kingston hyperx 2x4gb
Mobo: Asrock professional z77
PSU: Chieftec Nitro Series BPS-750C 750W
HDD: Seagate barracuda 1tb
Case: cm storm scout 2
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  1. Oh i forgot to add, that, when i was trying to fix the pc, i messed around with rams trying the different slots, with two or one stick ram, different kinds of ram. It sometimes, says four beep instead of three, so now im not only haunted by three beep, no no no, now four.
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    Okay, i somewhat figiured out, and im too dumb to close the thread, because i dont know how, so save your replies :)
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