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I would like advice on this custom build gaming PC i've devised. Maybe i should reconsider some parts.

Also i have some other questions, at my local vendor website it they sell a Corsair VS650 which i'd prefer to the one listed below, on Corsair website it says VS650 has 2 PCI-E connectors (6+2), however on my local vendor site, it's named VS 650 EU Version and it says it has just 1 PCI-E connector (6+2) I'm a little confused here, only explanation i can think of is if Corsair is US based that would mean most of their PSU's would be 110v and EU version 230v, but does that mean they also remove a PCI-E connector?

Second question i have about CPU, when i order it in a box, non-tray version, does it come with thermal paste or do i have to get that aswell.

Case: Cooler master Elite 430
Memory: 2xCrucial 4GB DDR3 Ballistix 1600mhz
HDD: Western Digital SATA 1TB 7200RPM 6GB/S
CPU: Intel Core i5-3570 3,4Ghz ( No plans to overclock )
Mobo: Asus MB H77 S1155 ATX/P8H77-V
GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 760 Hawk
PSU: Corsair Gaming Series GS600
Monitor: Samsung Syncmaster T22B350EW
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  1. budget???location???
  2. Estonia, the current cost of this is 930 euros, i'm not willing to go any higher.
  3. can u refer any good pc parts online store to me to get u a config
  4. Well if you can understand the language, go right ahead

    EDIT: Regarding picking a motherboard, an absolute must for me is 5+1 surround sound support and i'm not gonna resort to a sound card.
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