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Hi, so i got a few questions about networking. I live in a apartment, where there are many wireless networks. Could someone please explain, so its easy to understand, these things: difference between 802.11g, and b, etc. And what is exactly 802.11? If i choose another channel on my router, will it cause detection or any other problems with my network devices like laptops, tvs, phones and ipad, etc? How do radiowaves and hertz work? Are heartz like bytes? 1000 heartz is 1 megaheartz? What are co-channel and overlapping? I got an idea of what overlapping is.

Thanks alot for these answers, i'm having a hard time figuring it out. Please explain every aspect of it, very carefully:) Thanks, again
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    this and if you change channel to avoid other interference yes your device will still detect the router , the co channel and ovelaping
  2. Can use this to see which channel has the least traffic on it.
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