z68 p67 or z75

I can grab a p67 for 46 euros z68 for 54 euros and the z75 is 60 euros. I heard that a z68 or a p67 wont support usb 3.0 but when i look at the specifications of all 3 cards they all have usb 3.0. Now my question is do they have the fast usb 3.0 or not and are there other big differences between those cards? I will use a 2600k so pcie 3.0 doesnt mak sense because its not supported by the cpu. Thx very much budgetguy

the 3 cards are:

ASRock Z75 Pro3
Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3
ASRock P67 PRO3
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    P67 and z68 don't have native support, it's a third party controller. But you don't want z75 because you won't be able to oc. The z68 is the best mobo of those.
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