Best Way to Clean Hyper Evo 212 Tower

After having my PC for 6 months or so I am cleaning it. The tower itself is the dirtiest part and is riddled with dust. Do I need to dismount it in order to clean it effectively??
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    For a proper clean dismount it, unless you have a can of air?
    dust usually settles at the very bottom of a cooler, so dismounting gives you the best clean.
  2. A tooth brush is how I clean mine. it hangs on to most of the dust. just clean it off after every pass and u should be good. Blast it with a can of air after and call it good.
  3. has it been smoked around? if so use a can of crc brakekleen. It will take the goop right off without leaving a residue. do it outdoors of course.

    oh yea, be sure to take the fans off first. LoL
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