Lenovo y510 SSD problem

Hi, I got this laptop 2 days ago, it's the one that comes up with 24gb ssd.

The problem is, I still haven't figured out why my ssd isn't showing up on my computer, but showing on disk management. And I really can't tell from that if the OS is installed on HDD or SSD, also the volume is unnamed, and when I right click it, this is what I get:
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  1. It's being used as a cache drive.
  2. Doesn't that mean it's basically useless? How am I supposed to move the OS and programs I work on to the ssd?
  3. Essentially the most commonly used files are on the ssd. You are getting pretty much almost ssd performance with everything on the hdd.
  4. Then why does it show as empty disk on the disk manager?
    Can I manage programs I want on SSD manually?
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    The software (expresscache) handles what is on the ssd and keeps track of what is on it. It is not done through the normal way so disk management can't see what's on it and says it's empty. You can disable cache by just going to your program list and uninstall expresscache. You can always turn it back on by reinstalling it.
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