5 short beeps after installing chipset drivers on ASRock P67 pro3


An hour ago I installed the chipset driver for my CPU (i5 2500K) because Windows 8 suggested it and also provided the link for the driver on the Intel website. After surfing to the URL I saw that the driver was compatible with windows 8, so I thought: nothing could go wrong so I installed it (wish I never did it :(). After installation I had to restart and clicked YES to restart. That was the last time I saw my desktop... Now I hear 5 short beeps when starting up my PC. I see nothing on the screen... even BIOS is not starting up.

What could be the problem?

My system:

ASRock P67 pro3
Intel i5 P2500K
ATI 6950HD


Windows 8 32-bit

I am really disappointed of Windows 8 because this is not the first time I have trouble with it. I formatted my system several times just because driver problems...

Thanks for any help
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    I would check the MB manual to see what is going on(what the beep code means).

    Almost has to be bad timing. After all, Windows is simply software and should NOT be able to effect the bios(ability to post).


    Please use the debug led panel to see what number the system gets when it freezes. Page 29 of the manual starts to list the debug codes.
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