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my hp probook 6455b has a good battery and occasionally charges but not very often. It never powers off when it's running just off the charger without the battery. But like i said it hardly ever charges it... I am also using a dell charger so idk if that is the problem or what.... I just dont see why it would charge sometimes and but not all the time or never... just when it feels like it.. help would be appreciated, I just dont want to buy a charger and the battery be the problem or vise versa.
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  1. Are you running XP on it? If so, download the HP Battery Check tool from HP and you should be able to test the battery. Is the Dell charger rated the same as the recommended HP charger?
  2. no its running 7 and ubuntu and yes its rated the same as the hp charger
  3. I would try the HP BATTERY CHECK TOOL.
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