really confused ( help ) gtx 660

hi every body .i m going to buy a new g.card .and its lot confusing than i would be..
1..gtx 660 inno 3d ( cheap)
2..gtx 660 asus ( best )

but for the price of gtx 660 asus comes the readeon 7870..
but again the headache ...
saphire ...expensive

and the funniest part if u decide to buy the saphire...then comes the next inno

thanks in advance..

system .... core i5
....8 gb ram
intel 7000 series mother board
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    well personally id say unless you want nvidia features badly, go for 7870 at the moment because you get 2 free games with it. As for which model, youve got to find the perfect balance. But think what you want first, if you have a small case or poor air flow, youll want one with a blower type fan, id recommed HIS's model. If you wanted a quiet card, id recommend asus and if you want performance id recommend latest sapphire ghz. Hope i helped :)
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