Is my Ram settings right?

Hi all,

I have this ram http:// and i wasnt sure if its running at the right MHZ and what not.

Here are the links to the pics:
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  1. You are currently at 1333. In bios in ram settings there should be a profile select. Select xmp and it'll set all the settings correctly for you.
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    As mentioned by K1114, enable XMP and select profile 1 (if on Intel) these are 1866 sticks, if AMD look for DOCP, EOCP or maybe XMP (those are the ways AMD handles OC profiles)
  3. Intel here, OK thanks what showed you that. I wasnt sure what i was looking for.

    Never mind Realized that if you multiply by 2 the DRAM freq you get your answer lol Double Data Rate 3!!!!!!!!

    Thanks again
  4. No problem, have fun!
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