Computer wont boot with my video card in

So i woke up one morning and my computer would not turn in, the power light would flash quickly but turn off and no fans or anything would power on, i thought it was the power supply at first but used a PSU tester and everything looks good, i can get the psu to turn on fans and the gpu fan with the tester.

The only way to get my computer to turn on is to remove my video card, i also checked the slot with a different video card and computer will boot up. It just wont boot with my original video card. Also the video card i used to test it doesn't require a 6 pin PCIe connector but my original one does

This can only mean either the 6 pin PCIe connector is not putting out enough power, or the video card is dead, however the fan still powers on when connected to psu tester, but doesn't mean gpu isnt fried, or the psu is bogging down under the load of everything.

Now that i specified the problem and what steps i have taken to fix it, here are my tech specs

Intel Core i3-2120 3.3Ghz

Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2 Socket 1155

Video Card:
GeForce GTX 550TI

Power Supply:
Coolmax V-600 (600w) PSU

Voltage Specs:
+5 +3.3 +12v1 +12v2 +12v3 -12v +5vsb
24a 24a 18A 18A 15A 0.5A 2.5A
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  1. Well personally I would not use a Coolmax PSU to charge my phone let alone power a PC. Best guess would be that your PSU has bit the big one.
  2. Coolmax is not a great brand. Replacing the PSU would rule out one of the possible factors and better ensure the longevity of your computer.
  3. I already tested the PSU and it seems to be putting out the correct voltages, the computer is currently running right now off the PSU minus the video card, if i put my Geforce Gtx550 TI card back in, the computer wont power on, but powers on fine w/o.

    Ive also placed a different video card into the slot and computer also booted up fine, my guess is its the video card, but theres a possibility it still could be the PSU under load. I was unable to test the 6 pin PCIe connector with my psu tester, and im unable to test my video card in another computer

    Basically im just trying to narrow down if its the PSU or video card, so far my testing has shown that the PSU is fine. My next attempt was to try a 4 pin molex connector to 6 pin PCIe adapter, this would rule out a bad 6 pin PCIe on the PSU.

    Also what brand would u recommend if i were to replace my PSU.
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    Any of those would do. Replacing the PSU would be a good move. Even if its not the power supply, you would have no problems with it in the future, because it is a good unit. It will make a longer lasting system, and you would have more confidence when you upgrade that you have sufficient power.
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